Jark are my babies and Bambam is my little prince

"...I feel like I should keep my memories and my faith because at the end, that is what keeps me going." - Mark Tuan


You're the best mistake I've ever made / scan credit

How many times will you change it, cutie? ;A;

@lilbear1228: Wish we could just hang out like this more often @gytuan @mtuan93 #FamilyFirst
Sep 13th
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*tries to get eight hours sleep in 3 hours*


Happy Birth Day ZICO~~♪


happy (early) 22nd woo jiho ♡

thank you for existing ❣

Happy birthday, Woo Jiho. This is the fourth year BBCs are celebrating your birthday with you and we hope to continue celebrating for the many years to come as you continue to make music and lead Block B with your talent, dedication, hard-working nature, and versatility. Thank you for the wonderful music you produce. Thank you for giving your fans and fellow Block B members so much love. Thank you for going along with your hectic schedules even when you’re dead tired. Thank you for the all the smiles you put on fans’ faces. Thank you for being such a big inspiration to fans and other artists from all over the world. Thank you for being born. You’ve worked hard all year so please take it easy today. Please continue to live your dream. And remember, the Block B members and fans love and appreciate you a lot. 

strong_chanchanLong time no seeeeee How are you? I’m good . missing my babyz

hi i am selena and i am here to sabotage maria’s blog 

god damn it jackson wang.


ladies’ code’s rise passed away today at 10:10am. may she rest in peace.